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Raw brass crimp eye terminals
Raw brass crimp eye terminals


The lugs promote the safe transfer of electricity. They also make it easy to disassemble a part or reassemble it. Terminals are the main wire connection systems and are essential. They are used for the installation of new electrical equipment, but are parts that you can purchase individually to replace worn cogs.

What are crimp eye terminals?

Eye terminals are firstly terminals with a round end with a hole in the middle. It is therefore a terminal which is attached by a screw. It is crimpable, that is to say, to hook the wire for which it provides the electrical connection, it must be pinched. Finally, the material used for its design, brass, is specially chosen because it is an excellent conductor. Brass is resistant to electrical impulses and oxidation. Raw brass eye terminals are present throughout the vehicle and constitute one of the best means of connection.

How to use raw crimp eye terminals

The lug is the connection that will allow the wire to easily connect to your accessories or connectors. Eye terminals are easy to install. With the right tools, you will connect your electrical equipment very quickly. To equip your wires with lug connectors, you must first strip them, then you must attach it to the correct level of the lug without letting it protrude from the bottom. You must then use special pliers to crimp the “crimping pliers” terminal. Then attach the eye terminal to the electrical accessory you wish to install. Raw eye terminals should not be used on connectors that are closely spaced to prevent them from touching. Favor terminals with   eye with insulator so as not to have false contact.

Choose your terminal according to the dimensions of the connectors and wires

Before ordering your terminal, it is essential to know   what type of terminal you need. Eyelet terminals can be of different sizes and can accommodate wiring ranging from 4mm to 120mm. The diameter of the eyelets is also varied, it ranges from 4 mm to 120 mm.It is essential to know the exact size of the terminal you are looking for to prevent it from coming loose due to the jolts produced by the car.

Types of crimp eye terminals available

We offer you a wide range of crimp terminals according to your needs. Before any purchase on the site, you must know the specifics of the pod you are looking for. The specifics are the size of the lug, the diameter of wire that it can tighten, but also the thickness. The eye terminals available are varied and their wire attachment system is varied. We offer you:

- Tube eye terminals,

- Flat or cylindrical lugs,

- Eyelet or fork terminals,

- Male or female,

- Eye terminals with tip or raw

When are terminals useful

The terminals are essential elements, which will be useful to you when installing new vehicle parts or accessories. They are also useful in the event of replacing defective terminals. The terminals are usually supplied with the accessory you wish to install, but this accessory may not be supplied. Brass eye terminals are preferred because they are an excellent conductor, they are also very resistant to oxidation and humidity.