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Automotive flexible single-conductor cable
Flexible single-core cables

A single-conductor cable: what is it?

A cable is said to be “single conductor” when it has only one piece of metal cable. But this does not prevent it from being available in different thicknesses or calibers.

The specificity of a single-conductor cable

A single-conductor cable should be distinguished from a multi-conductor cable, which is made up of several conductors which are perfectly insulated from each other. Typically, the single-core model is made from aluminum or copper material. In addition, it benefits from an insulation system which covers it. It comes in several sizes and thicknesses. But note that the larger the cable, the more its flexibility will decrease.

Particularly efficient, this type of cable provides numerous advantages. In this case, its resistant and reliable side compared to other types of cables. Designed to last for years, it is insensitive to both wear and tear and corrosion. Its only weak point lies in its lack of flexibility and malleability, making it relatively complicated to handle.

Good reasons to choose a single-conductor cable

  Single-conductor cables are gradually starting to gain ground and may in some time surpass the popularity of their multi-conductor counterparts. Indeed, with a single strand, there is less risk of malfunction or failure. The cable is thicker, more robust and improves in quality at the same time. But above all, it can be used for various applications. It comes in a variety of styles so you just need to choose the one that suits your tastes. Finally, a single-conductor cable is easy to install provided you have certain knowledge of electricity.      

If you wish to purchase a single-conductor cable, trust AutoTruck 42, which knows its stuff. To do this, do not hesitate to browse its wide range of single-conductor cables which have been carefully selected for you. The model you need is sure to be there.