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Cosses thermosoudable et thermoretractable
Cosses thermosoudable et thermoretractable


To guarantee a good connection between your connections and your automotive equipment, the use of terminals is essential. The lugs are a connection system which allows a good connection, but which also facilitates the assembly of parts.

What is a heat-weldable and heat-shrinkable terminal?

Terminals are a very useful connection system. They are found throughout the vehicle from the engine to the body. Thermosetting terminals are metal elements that connect an electrical accessory and a wire. They have two outlets, one that attaches to the wire, and the other to the equipment. They are called heat-weldable and heat-shrinkable, if they have a sheath guaranteeing better fixing and waterproofing of the contacts. Heat-weldable and heat-shrinkable terminals appear like a normal terminal, but the end to be connected has a plastic tip. Under the effect of heat, the sheath tightens and will adapt to the shape of the terminal and the wires, the terminal will be practically impossible to disconnect.

The thermosetting terminals that we offer on our site

Thermosetting terminals are varied in size, shape and material. They come in various models and in various materials. The terminals offered on the site are high performance accessories from recognized brands. They are subject to certification and are intended for the European market. We offer the following ranges of heat-weldable and heat-shrinkable terminals:

- heat-weldable and heat-shrinkable male and female

- heat-weldable and heat-shrinkable to crimp or not

- heat-weldable and heat-shrinkable insulated or non-insulated

- Tibular heat-weldable and heat-shrinkable terminals

- Heat-weldable and heat-shrinkable eye terminal

- Heat-weldable and heat-shrinkable end terminal

How to use a heat-weldable and heat-shrink terminal

The heat-weldable and heat-shrinkable terminal is easy to use.However, you will need to equip yourself with special tools such as crimping pliers, but also with a device capable of creating fairly powerful heat, a heat gun for example. To help you, the terminals are color coded to tighten them using crimping pliers. To install the terminal, you must first strip the wire to be connected. You must strip it to a certain length and not let any bare wire protrude from the entrance to the terminal. Integrate the wire into the appropriate compartment then depending on the type of terminal, it must be crimped or pinched. A color code defines the entrance to the crimping tool. Once the blocked wire is heated the sheath with the gun or a heating device. The heated sheath will retract on itself until it matches the shape of the terminal. Pull on it to check that the connection is perfectly established, then connect the stock.

How to choose your heat-weldable and heat-shrink terminal?

To ensure that your electrical connections are established perfectly, you must find the right lug appropriate to your connector. With repeated shaking an improper terminal can come off easily. You must choose your terminal according to the size of the wire to connect, depending on the fastener that goes with it (screw, or nut), but also the thickness of the terminal. Before any purchase, you must carefully check its technical specifications and the appropriate references. The material is also very important, there are lugs that do not meet any standards and are made of an inappropriate type of metal. The terminals offered on the site are certified terminals made of brass, stainless steel, aluminum, but also copper. These are metals that do not oxidize and are excellent conductors.