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Cheap toggle switches
Toggle switch

The toggle switch

Among a long list of vehicle switches, we find the toggle switch. Next to the lever switch, the button switch and the pressure switch, the toggle switch is a very popular electrical accessory due to its ease of use, its handling and above all for its reliability. The toggle switch is a component used to interrupt or open an electrical circuit. It is a relay between two electrical components and serves as a circuit breaker or ignition switch. It can thus be activated to turn a function on or off. The toggle switch is a switch that swings from right to left, with two positions, unlike other switches which can have three functions. These are the most common, they have a lever system and are very reliable for any type of switching circuit, it is impossible for it to release on its own or get stuck. Its system is based on a tilt and spring system, which can be used repeatedly and excessively. To optimize the operation of certain functions or to beautify your vehicle, rocker switches are essential accessories. Installing a toggle switch can be easy or complex depending on its use, so as not to blow fuses, call on professionals in vehicle electrical and electronics.

Toggle switch operation

The operation of the toggle switch is the most classic, so it adapts to many devices. With a swing system, you turn the circuit off or on. A metal blade is used to connect the switches together. They can be unipolar or bipolar depending on the type of circuit to be controlled. The single-pole switch only cuts one phase, the double-pole switch is capable of interrupting two wire connections. The connection can be easy or complex depending on the type of element to be controlled; for example, for an engine ignition switch, it will be necessary to adapt several components. They are generally equipped with solder lug outputs or lugs with a male and female plug system. For installation, you must have some knowledge, know how to locate the ground,negative and positive wires and knowing how to use a blood pressure monitor. However, you can get help from a professional if you do not feel capable. They can be installed on the main control controls of the vehicle, such as the dashboard or next to the gear lever, they can also be installed on the doors, trunk, etc. Installing a switch will obviously require modifying the interior of your vehicle unless you have an external control panel.

Type and use of toggle switch

The toggle switch can be used for several purposes. Mainly for switching on and off an electrical mechanism, but it can also be diverted into a button for switching on lights and bulbs, opening a system, or switching on a sensor and other adjustment systems. of the system. The toggle switch has a red rectangular shape, with an integrated LED or bulb. It is an ON-OFF ignition, if the equipment to which it is connected is running the indicator light comes on, and vice versa. It is generally made of plastic, but for more aesthetics, it is available in several materials (metal or carbon). There are various models depending on the desired voltage and intensity, it has two to three connecting branches depending on the type of electrical circuit to be connected. They come in several different sizes and in various models, so you don't make a mistake with your buttons. The rocker switch is delivered with a set of accessories for connection with the electrical system, and connectors so that they can adapt well to your vehicle.